Vivek Chand

Vivek Chank

Vivek Chand, Indian, helps small businesses launch and scale around the globe in countries such as: Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Papua New Guinea.

Based in Turkey, Vivek is passionate about SME’s and their potential to develop in emerging markets. Vivek understands the waters that entrepreneurs must navigate to succeed in business. With his track record and passion of working with small businesses, Vivek brings global expertise and hands-on experience to the African Entrepreneurship Award and entrepreneurs as they launch and scale their businesses.

As a banker, Vivek is passionate about helping entrepreneurs gain access to funding. In this role, he developed several global strategies for helping banks acquire capabilities to better serve SME’s and their funding needs. Also, Vivek built a banking business in Indonesia, developing the same expertise as many startup entrepreneurs.

Vivek understands that talent is the key to an entrepreneurs business. He has recruited, led and developed talent in varied cultural environments. This has included building and leading teams through change management and growth.

Currently, Vivek is active in markets across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.