Rania Reda

Rania encourages women in all sectors to take advantage of the mentoring in this Award. “Egypt had the first entrepreneurs ever on earth,” she explains, “so it is only right that we help mentor others.”

Rania is the founder of ITQAN for Smart Solutions; a technology services provider company in Alexandria, Egypt, and the CEO of CollieTec Corp. in Boston, USA which leads in Augmented Reality (AR) applications.

“In the country of Cleopatra and Nefertiti, I am proud to be an Egyptian woman who did not let the current situation hold me back. And I want to encourage others to pursue a life and vocation that will make them happy.”

As an active mentor in Alexandria, Rania is an engineer who worked for corporations for years before starting a software development business because IT is her passion, even when her local society does not pretty much support women in this sector. Today, Rania, a TEDx speaker and ZenithTalk speaker is inspiring generations with her passion for Augmented Reality and her unique model of 80/20 female/male staff organization.

“My advice to women entrepreneurs: make your own happiness by pursuing the career you deserve and help others to follow you.”