Neil Sankar

Neil Sanker

Neil Sankar M.D., is both an experienced mentor and physician. Originally from India, Neil has extensive international experience. He is passionate about technology and science based innovation and development in the field of health care, drug discovery, research and development, particularly in oncology.

Neil understands the importance of Biotech advances and the implications for public health. He currently serves as a Biotech medical director and clinical consultant. With the Enterprise Futures Network, Neil provides mentorship and guidance on life sciences projects for academic students pursuing entrepreneurship paths in life sciences.

As a Global Mentor for the African Entrepreneurship Award, Neil brings this expertise to Africans wishing to launch and scale their medical businesses. He is described as “a very skilled professional who can connect the various dots needed for a drug approval and development strategy.”

Before starting his career in Silicon Valley, Neil studied medicine at Bangalore University and later earned a Master’s in Public Health from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.