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2016 Award Winner

pioneering technology in africa looks ahead of the curve

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2015 Award Winner

seeing hope and creating jobs

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2016 Award Winner

an african invention racing against foreign competitors

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Mentoring Makes a Difference

Ever since I started my journey with this project, I haven’t stopped learning from the mentors… Even when one mentor believes the proposition is good, there will always be another adding a feedback or an idea never thought of before. In entrepreneurialism, details make all the difference! Thanks to all the mentors…

I never expected Mentorship of any kind and have usually had to make do, but this was a true and very welcomed bonus, thank you for guiding me to become better and redo and I only hope that I have not let you down, but done better through your guidance. Thanks a million! Kind regards

Thank you very much for the feedback, the mentorship I am receiving is far beyond my expectations of being awarded, I will never be the same again, whether I continue to another level of the award journey or fail to make it to the next level, I will be a different entrepreneur.”

I must give kudos to the Nigerian mentor. He has actually helped me to pitch my idea by tailoring it to the needs of my community and country at large. Thank you so much