Umar Amir Abdullahi, Nigerian advisor, provides young entrepreneurs with connections to other entrepreneurs to mentor them.

With a passion for social development work and youth empowerment, Umar is currently the Program Officer at Paradigm Initiative’s DakataLIFE centre in Kano State. He oversee the LIFE Program, business development, digital skills and capacity building program for youth.
DakataLIFE alumni are given training in business development modules and financial management to encourage them start small businesses after the Program.He has recently taken an interest in project management and hopes to use the skills and techniques from project management trainings he has attended to make the Dakata LIFE Centre a household name in Kano State.

Umar is also a prolific writer and blogger. He hopes to be able to tell stories from a northern Nigerian perspective and create a platform where young people can discuss societal issues and chart the way forward in the nearest future.

Umar Amir Abdullahi studied Biochemistry at Bayero University, Kano.