For over 30 years, Tom Anyos has served as the President of The Technology Group in Napa Valley, California. The Technology Group is known for helping startup firms structure their new companies to more quickly access the financial support needed to grow. “Commercialization of newly developed, advanced technologies is our focus,” explains Tom.

Tom founded Etalon Diagnostics, a unique biotechnology company in Silicon Valley focusing on genetic diagnostics for companion animals (animals who do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability).

Before starting Etalon, Tom was the Director of the Technology Ventures Corporation. The Venture capital group supports start-ups and early-stage companies through mentorship, training, and hands-on opportunities, all in front of potential funding sources. One of Tom’s companies explains his approach this way: “Tom and Technology Ventures Corporation provide an invaluable service to start-up and early-stage companies in the Bay Area, offering classes and training, hands-on mentoring and opportunities to get in front of potential funding sources. Tom is an experienced, reasonable and affable guy who puts a great deal of time and energy into the organization and truly cares about the companies it sponsors. “

As a Global Mentor for the African Entrepreneurship Award, Tom brings almost 4 decades of experience in biotechnology and how to access funds for startups who use technology.