Tania Ngima is a finance and strategy specialist, an entrepreneur, and a writer. Leveraging more than 13 years’ experience in corporate finance, Tania strives to create a growing youth population that is economically empowered. She was selected to be a Young African Leaders Mandela Washington Fellow in 2015 and continues to be a leader.

Using her writing and oratory skills, Tania shares her shares her experiences through videos and essays on the important decisions young people in Africa have to make through her website TaniaNgima.com, through the East African Standard’s columns and through her new YouTube Channel, Pawa UP. She also works with organizations as an independent finance specialist to review, craft and guide strategy. Tania writes extensively on business and governance, personal finance, and career choices for young people.

As an African Entrepreneurship Award Mentor, Tania declares, “ I am passionate about business in Africa, and about business done right. I believe there is a healthy intersection of the two and I am enjoying exploring this intersection.”