Tabbie Saenz is an entrepreneur from Bolivia. She is recognized as an international expert in business development, finance, and project management. After many years launching and scaling businesses in South America, she is now the Vice President of Circular Board, the innovative, leading, collaborative accelerator for women entrepreneurs around the world.

Now living in the USA, Tabbie provides an international lens to the entrepreneurs who are just starting or well established. In 2010, Tabbie founded the Business and Trade Alliance, an international business development and consulting firm. The firm publishes MediGlobal, a monthly publication for the medical and pharmaceutical community.

Prior to starting her life as an entrepreneur, Tabbie worked for as a Commercial Advisor with the US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, specializing in helping companies export from and invest in Bolivia. With this experience, she helps other entrepreneurs develop their commercial and export financial strategies.
Tabbie speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. She completed her undergraduate degree in Economics at Rollins College in Florida, and her MBA in Chile.