Steve, American, has been an entrepreneur and small business coach for almost 20 years. In the beginning of his career, he worked for national banks across the USA helping them develop processes and methods to enhance their SME offerings. During this journey, he felt aligned with the small business owners who have difficulty accessing funding. Therefore, he has devoted the second half of his career to coaching small businesses on how to access funding that is healthy for their startup or expansion businesses.
Steve’s expertise is in building cash strategies for small business owners, helping them create a balance between a business owner’s work finances and their personal finances.

In addition to cash flow, Steve is an expert listening to business owners’ ideas and helping them operationalize them among their “too busy” lives. He has a strong record of helping with product development and process development. As the Chief Navigation Officer for SRCC in Atlanta, USA, Steve helps entrepreneurs build roadmaps for progress, at all stages of development.

As a graduate of world-renowned Georgia Tech University, he brings a technical expertise to the unique cash flow needs of business owners. Most people are either business people or technical people. Steve is both. Steve’s reputation is “one of most trusted banking advisors for business owners in the Southeastern United States”.