Stern Zvavamwe a Zimbabwean, is the founder of the Candoa Institute, a capacity and skills development institute seeking to empower and equip young entrepreneurs and university graduates to excel in their careers. Stern brings over 15 years of mentoring and management experience to Candoa, an institute with a passion for improving lives through tangible advice and services.

Before Candoa, Stern launched Ignite Africa in 2003, a training institute aimed at working with young people in the job market. Since 2003, Stern has mentored and trained thousands of entrepreneurs on the way to realizing their dreams.

In addition to his work with entrepreneurs, Stern has lectured at the International Institute for Capacity Development, served as a project coordinator in community health initiatives, and worked extensively in HIV/AIDS prevention and management in Zimbabwe. Stern serves as a board member in a number of organizations, he is also a founder of the Achievers Forum a business incubation group and an active member of the Harare business forum. He is a certified entrepreneurship development trainer for ILO Start and Improve your Business programs. He mentors business start-ups at the Micro business Alliance He brings a deep understanding of the local environment in Zimbabwe. Stern studied Management and Community Development at the Chinhoyi University of Technology.