Dr. Stephanie Mvodo is an expert in agriculture, education, and business in Cameroon. Growing up on a farm outside of Yaounde, in Cameroon’s central region, her family grew more than 20 crops, with cassava, peanuts, and maize being the most significant. It was during her childhood years that she began to understand agriculture and markets, developing a passion for improving lives of farmers.

After growing up on a farm and finishing her school in Yaounde, Stephanie completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Buea. She was not done there. Traveling to China Stephanie completed a Master’s degree at the Southeast University in Nanjing, China in International Business. Continuing with her passion for academics and impact, Stephanie earned a PhD in Harbing, in Northeast China. Her PhD studies were in Technology and Economic Development, with an emphasis on agricultural technology.

Upon returning to Cameroon, Dr. Mvodo worked at the Catholic University of Douala. She then moved on to a position at the University of Buea, where she currently teaches in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. A good farmer must be a good entrepreneur. Passionate about both of these fields, Dr. Mvodo teachers Bachelor and Masters courses in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness related courses as well as entrepreneurship. Over 500 students a semester attend her Entrepreneurship lectures. Many of these students are also entrepreneurs and Dr. Mvodo advises in their start-ups and mentors their ideas.

In addition to incubating business ideas at the University, Dr. Mvodo also accelerates ideas. She works in Research and Development at the Agro-Hub start-up in Buea. The hub works with farmers in the region to help them increase their profits, particularly on cash crops like cassava and plantain.