Sophie Bourcier has spent 20 years working in different managerial positions within multiple sectors and for numerous companies. This has allowed the young entrepreneur to navigate many issues that arise for companies, especially SMEs.

Sophie’s experiences in the creation, management and development of activities through organic growth, external growth or international development have developed her managerial skills in administrative and financial management as well as human resources management. She has also managed projects in multicultural environments.

In 1992, Sophie launched and pilot the Fondation Shell Entreprises en Création in Gabon. Its objective was simple: to help Gabonese students to set up their own businesses. She also set up a Global Marketing and Research Marketing Agency in Libreville, and created several outsourcing activities. While in France in the early 2000s, she completed an MBA program and gain valuable experience working with tow internationally recognized margeting agencies before returning to Libreville, Gabon to dedicate herself once again to promoting entrepreneurship in Africa by launching the country’s first incubator. Sophie declares she’s on “an exciting journey guided by the spirit of enterprise and beautiful encounters.”