Simi Olusola, Nigerian entrepreneur and consultant, trains female business owners to scale up their businesses.

Simi founded Aspilos Foundation whose flagship project is AboCoders which empowers young girls from low-income families in Nigeria to be independent tech consultants. Simi also operates Nuach Consulting, a business consultancy that helps entrepreneurs restructure their businesses and advises individuals to improve their personal and professional development.

AboCoders impacted over 200 young girls with training toward self-sufficiency. Simi explains: “Knowledge of digital literacy gives girls access to a whole world of information and people and software skills increase their ability to fend for themselves and their families.”

Simi coached 40 entrepreneurs to launch businesses as part of The Next Economy programme. “My work brings me in contact daily with the complex and unique myriad of problems Nigeria has to deal with, it also gives me the chance to visualise the kind of solutions that can work in the country.”

Simi brings practical wisdom about scaling businesses to the African Entrepreneurship Award’s entrepreneurs. She is a multipotentialite and a philomath. As an ex-basketball player, and having been part of the University of Ibadan basketball team, she is passionate about sports and “believes Africans need to harness their talent and invest more in businesses that improve lives through sports.”