Salim Daouda spent over 15 years helping entrepreneurs create and expand their businesses, coordinating new projects to alleviate poverty, and promoting green and social entrepreneurship. His passion is to impact communities through job creation and youth and women empowerment.

Salim gets involved in West Africa’s development by advising the Grdr, an International Non for Profit Organization working towards the political and entrepreneurial development of the region.

In the past, Salim consulted with Oxfam, an international confederation involved in over 90 countries to end the injustices leading to poverty. In addition to this, Salim also managed a center for entrepreneurship promotion in Benin, and several other programs and projects of economic integration.

Salim’s involvement and drive to make a change led him to coordinate and contribute to various other entrepreneurship empowerment and economic development organizations, such as ECOWAS, World Bank, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Virtual Incubator of Francophonie for Entrepreneurship (IVFE), the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Leisure of Benin and the “Maison des Jeunes Entrepreneurs du Bénin (MAJEB).