Rik Stamhuis, social entrepreneur and mentor, co-founded Jiro-Ve, a social enterprise with the aim of lighting up Madagascar by making renewable energy accessible in the country’s most remote areas.

Jiro-Ve was born out of a desire to solve a pressing problem. After working in East-Africa for over two years, Rik realized although there are many solar products in the market, many remained inaccessible due to limited purchasing power, insufficient training or unavailability of products. Rik started implementing his own solution, Jiro-Ve rents out rechargeable solar lights, with the aim of eradicating expensive and dangerous candles and kerosene lights.

To date over 50.000 people have benefited from Jiro-Ve’s services and more than 80 new jobs were created covering 5 different areas in Madagascar, creating a positive impact in the community.
In addition to providing innovative solar solutions, Rik also mentors innovators and entrepreneurs by sharing his wisdom and best practices.