Phyllis Wangwe, a Kenyan entrepreneur and financial advisor offers over 10 years’ experience in the East African financial sector. She founded Wangwe & Co. Associates, a law firm providing legal services and consultancy to compagnies and SMEs. She founded PENS Global Services an entrepreneurship, investment and legal management firm in Kenya, providing financial education and legal services to entrepreneurs and business people.

Phyllis mentors and trains entrepreneurs to launch sustainable businesses in their community through different groups such as the Women on Boards Network, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Global Innovators Society of Kenya.

Passionate about helping entrepreneurs and making a difference in her community, Phyllis joined the African Entrepreneurship Award network in 2017 as a mentor and says she is “grateful for the opportunity to serve entrepreneurs and wishes she can do even more!“.

One of the entrepreneurs Phyllis mentored says: “I am grateful for your assessment and opening a way for me to know how good it is to be mentored. It has equipped me with better tools to face challenges in the business world and I am looking forward to launching and scaling my business in Africa. Thanks.“