Ms. Patrice Juah is a dynamic and multifaceted media and communications professional with proven consulting skills and expertise in strategic communications, public relations, conducting spe- cialized trainings, public speaking and digital content development. As the founder and Managing Partner of MOIE, a diversified media social enterprise, Patrice remains committed to improving the communications sector and entrepreneurial opportunities across Africa. She is an accomplished author and poet, with literary works covering a wide range of themes to include personal life experiences, women’s empowerment, and humor. Ms. Juah is a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow, former Miss Liberia and Girl’s Education Advocate, that has consistently strived to motivate and empower young Liberian women by supporting local non-profit organizations in their efforts to educate women on topics such as HIV/AIDs, teenage pregnancy, education, and workforce development. She’s also a Columnist for Vital Woman Magazine UK’s Girls’ Empowerment Column and blogs for Tropics Magazine’s Tropics Voices platform. Her most notable articles have been featured on PBS NewsHour, African Feminist Forum, Liberian Observer, AllAfrica, Conversations on Liberia and the Sea Breeze Journal of Contemporary Liberian Writings. Ms Juah is the founder of the Martha Juah Edu- cational Foundation and its Sexy Like A Book initiative, designed to inspire young women and girls to improve their perspective on reading, literacy & education.