Osasenaga Enogieru, Nigerian entrepreneur and mentor, implements entrepreneurship-based programs at the Enspire Business Incubator.

Co-founder of Knights Designs, an event management company, Osasenaga helps individuals and corporate organizations implement various forms of events, conferences and programs. Osasenaga consults for the Next Economy Program which ensures train-the-trainers programs for partner hubs is guaranteed.

Osasenaga’s passion is creating intervention programs geared towards the development of technology and technology based startups within the Abuja Eco-system.

He is active in the investor community consolidating and generating networks of investors for tech startups with great viability in the Nigeria economy. One of Osasenaga’s passion is leading tech enthusiasts in developing open source tech products for agriculture, education, health and Security.

Osasenaga’s experience in building and managing businesses spans across fast food, agriculture and event management. His vision as a mentor is to help others create sustainable businesses that serve as touchstones for global innovations.