Opeyemi Adeyanju, Nigerian entrepreneur and consultant, helps entrepreneurs through business development, brand management, digital marketing, and leadership training.

In 2017, Opeyemi, created a WhatsApp group to train and mentor individuals and startups in business. Today, the group has 120 members. “We have helped over 20 individual to start a business through the platform within a year.”

In 2011, Opeyemi founded a marketing and sales promotion business named Globrand Enterprise. After which he established Mabo Brand Concept Ltd in 2016, a company focusing on business development, digital marketing, branding and ICT (website and mobile app application).

Opeyemi also volunteers for incubators/accelerators such as Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs and is currently their State Executive Director for Lagos. He recently founded Startup Hub, which walks individuals and startups through hurdles of business registration, website creation, tax registration, branding and many more aspects to save up to 60% on their startup expenses.

Opeyemi is planning on launching an online hub very soon to realize his dream of journeying with entrepreneurs virtually and allowing them to access business and mentoring services anywhere and at any time.