Muthoni Nduhiu of Kenya is the Founder and CEO of Mastermind Africa Alliance, a consultancy that engages corporations and stakeholders in conceptualizing, designing, implementing and monitoring responsible models of business that are inclusive of youth and women. A lawyer by profession, she is also involved in commercial law practice, specifically targeted by investors who want to expand their operations to and across the African continent as well as investors already operating on the continent. She is a fellow of the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa, an organization that engages, inspires and equips the next generation of women leaders on the continent. Muthoni is also a Fellow of the Vital Voices Global Partnership VV Lead Program, which supports women leaders who provide uncharted and sustainable solutions to problems that impede the progress of women.

Muthoni is part of the 2015 Washington Mandela Fellowship, the flagship program for President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative under the Business and Entrepreneurship track.