Matt Troniak has deep experience in project and business management in North Africa, Saharan Africa and Asia. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor. Currently he is involved with development banking activities in Asia and Africa via Orion Investments where he is a Director. He has experience managing activities with MSME, rural development / agri-business development companies, projects and investments, using value chains. He is also involved with sustainable energy investment and using ICT to improve competitiveness and profitability. He has been developing equity capital, investment and debt financing structures to support MSMEs. He is an expert at using appropriate economic, technical, risk mitigation, and financial structures to create economically viable projects including PPPs.

Troniak has also managed, structured, and strengthened banks, trust / insurance companies and loan guarantee companies which focus on agri, rural and MSME clients. He has developed training and certification programs in agricultural finance and insurance and is a lecturer on entrepreneurship. He has authored and published articles in finance, leasing, and agriculture, using conventional and Islamic finance methodology.

He has a Master’s Degree in Business and Public Administration, as well as numerous certificates and diplomas, and is pursuing his PhD. He has his P.Mgr and FICB professional designations.