Dr. Mary Shepard Spaeth, mentor and professor of entrepreneurship, founded three companies and mentored hundreds of start-ups individually and as a professor of entrepreneurship, innovation, economics and international business at several universities across the U.S, Scotland and Sweden.

Dr. Spaeth is currently an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and international business at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and the President of Transmera AB, a Swedish company that provides economic development strategies to help entrepreneurs improve their sales, competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth.

As a Global Mentor for the African Entrepreneurship Award, Dr. Spaeth will bring this expertise to African entrepreneurs seeking sustainable and impactful businesses.

One of Dr. Spaeth’s mentees explained, “I have known Mary Shephard Spaeth for almost 15 years and have long benefited from her intelligence, passion, expertise and commitment related to technology commercialization, business incubation, entrepreneur support ecologies, and international business.”