Maria Kyamulabye’s passion and purpose can be described simply as People and Ideas. As a social entrepreneur from Uganda, her goal is to equip other entrepreneurs with the power to succeed both in life and business, creating a chain reaction of needed positive change in Africa.

At Innovation Village in Kampala, Maria mentors and works closely with entrepreneurs in the startup and idea stages. Her experience is in helping entrepreneurs move into the commercial stage and to fulfill their big ideas. She also works with Andela Company, where she identifies high-potential developers on the African continent and shapes them into world-class leaders.

She has varied hands-on experiences through working with different organizations, including a global IT consulting company with 3000+ employees in 13 countries. For more than 8 years she has worked with the various groups, especially women’s groups, as a mentor tapping into the power of business and technology to change lives, not only in the urban centers but in the villages.

Maria is a highly sought after professional writer, speaker, facilitator and coach who is excellent in working with people to achieve their potential and objectives on time and with excellence.