Kafeero Aziizi, Ugandan social entrepreneur, innovator and angel investor, helps hundreds of entrepreneurs in Africa learn about innovation and inspires them to build sustainable businesses.

Kafeero’s entrepreneurial journey started when he launched his first business at the age of 18, which was the first online food delivery business in Uganda.

Since then Kafeero managed to build more than 10 startups. His story inspires other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and start their own businesses, and was the inspiration behind Kafeero Foundation. Kafeero launched Kafeero Foundation to offer businesses and individuals access to shared space to support learning and incubation. Its aim is to move across more than 21 African countries training young people on digital skills.

Kafeero believes that the experiences available through Kafeero Foundation will stimulate new discoveries, increase capacity, broaden opportunities for inclusion, celebrate innovation and capitalize on both collective and individual learning, so that ultimately community collaboration becomes the default approach to social change in Uganda and Africa.