Jonathan Shaw is the CEO of Kivu Green Energy. The American, born in Kenya, and living and working in the Democratic Republic of Congo started Kivu Green Energy, a renewable energy startup. The vision of Kivu Green Energy is to provide affordable, stable, renewable energy to people living in eastern Congo, where energy is unreliable. Shaw’s business develops solar micro-grids and sustainably sourced biofuels.

Shaw embraces the challenges of doing business in eastern Congo. The impoverished, war-torn region is ready to come back to life and with clean, sustainable solar energy, Kivu Green Energy hopes to play their part. In the region, solar will replace expensive, dirty diesel generators.

Entrepreneurialism can be a tough road. To advise emerging entrepreneurs, Shaw says, “There will always be good reasons to give up, try something easier, or follow a more established path. The core of your vision must be strong and robust enough to withstand the seasons of frustration and failure that are inevitable. Refine your focus, stay passionate about your core values, and don’t give up.”