Joana Videgain is an impact investor and serves as the Executive Director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Houston, Texas. Originally from French Basque Country, Joana has lived and worked in France, Mexico, and the USA. Joana is unequivocal in stating her purpose: “to fight social, economic, and environmental injustices through new and innovative methods.” To fulfill her purpose, Joana works with entrepreneurs and impact investing. She brings years of experience as a business and finance consultant, and a portfolio manager.

Today, Joana works with Impact Investment and as a Global Liaison with Good Works Houston. Good Works Houston helps social enterprises by providing access to resources and tackling upward mobility challenges. In Mexico, Joana served entrepreneurs at Agora Partnerships, an accelerator program for impact entrepreneurs in Latin America. In several other positions in Mexico, Spain, and France, Joana worked in finance and consulting.

Joana earned degrees from the Rouen Business School, the EGADE Business School, and most recently from the Universidad para la Paz.