JB Duler, has launched six successful companies in France and the United States with several significant exits.  He has held leadership positions in Europe and the US within large Fortune 100 companies.

As a resident of Silicon Valley, JB brings the AEA Presidential Jury an unparalleled combination of entrepreneurship, successful risk-taking, European and American mindsets plus proven skills in corporate strategy, innovation, marketing (consumer, analytics), worldwide operations, applied math, finance, and technology.

To help entrepreneurs around the world, JB co-founded Enterprise Futures Network (EFN) in 2003 which encourages entrepreneurship by supporting university business plan competitions and entrepreneurial programs. JB is part of a 2000 person community that is focused on developing entrepreneurial leaders to create better futures.

JB began his career in Paris after graduating from Ecole des Mines. He then moved to the US and earned his MBA at The Wharton School before moving onto Silicon Valley where he resides today.

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