Jacqueline Kisato, Kenyan, has over 10 years of experience teaching, training, and researching entrepreneurship. She is a full-time faculty member of Entrepreneurship, E-Marketing, and Design at Kenyatta University in Nairobi.

As a professional educator, communicator, and coach for youth entrepreneurs, she has hands on experience in developing youth leaders as well as empowering them to become successful entrepreneurs. Her research has included business models for profit-making and social entrepreneurs, e-Marketing and enterprise growth in SMEs.

She is currently researching e-Marketing tools that can empower Micro ,Small and Medium enterprises to increase profitability. She also provides professional coaching and mentorship to innovators and is a Master trainer on Action Training in entrepreneurship across Africa. Jacqueline believes in catalyzing the potential of the youth through experiential learning and innovative entrepreneurial approaches.

Jacqueline holds a Doctor of Philosophy in E-Marking from Kenyatta University.