Ibrahim Kabore from Burkina Faso, is an entrepreneur and start-up consultant with over 7 years of experience in entrepreneurialism, education, and business services.
Ibrahim’s first business was Express Com, a company promoting artists in vogue with populations in Burkina Faso. After two years of work with Express Comm, he developed a passion for extracurricular education. This passion developed into a business, Butterfly Generation, which develops citizens with leadership and job readiness skills. The challenge of funding social programs now drives Ibrahim’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor. He founded Diasposervice, a platform for international trade in natural products from Africa.

Africa is the cradle of humanity and has the potential to be the world’s next social, economic and cultural base. Ibrahim strongly believes in the potential of African entrepreneurship and is passionate to invest his time in developing this potential.

Ibrahim has a BA in African Economic History, a Masters in Project Management and a DESS in Business Creation and Management.