Helene Mugob is Founder and Executive Director of Virtuous Women International, a unique training and mentoring organization in Buea, Cameroon, that focuses on matching young people with business mentors for education and mentoring.

“I believe that our young people have everything they need: creativity, ideas, energy. But they need mentors to help guide their business ideas,’” she explained.

After having her own business, Helene launched her mentoring program in 2008 to connect young entrepreneurs with business leaders from major Cameroonian and multinational organizations. After successfully mentoring over 400 people, she accepts applicants each year into the six-month program so entrepreneurs can learn from local businesses leaders. More importantly, the entrepreneurs get matched with business leaders to mentor and foster their ideas into businesses, or they are acquired by the companies.

Helene is a recognized leadership expert and sought-after speaker. Her training program has been recognized by the Outstanding Cameroonian Women’s organization in the UK as one of the top examples of training and development. She is a leader in the area of equipping and enabling over 400 entrepreneurs in Cameroon to develop their social entrepreneurial skills.

Helene’s priorities are social entrepreneurs: “I believe that businesses can focus on improving our society. I help people focus on giving back and helping others first, then the business part will come. But focus on society first, then profits.”