Hanson Johnson, Nigerian tech entrepreneur, dreams to save the world with a click. He is passionate about building and managing technology communities.

Since November 2011, Hanson volunteered to establish technology communities in the Niger Delta of Nigeria ranging from Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Abia, Anambra, Enugu and Rivers States.

His love for growing technology communities earned him the position of Country Mentor of Google Developer Groups Nigeria in July 2017. As Country Mentor, he works with the developer relations team at Google to ensure developers have access to the right tools, information and support for growth.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer at Start Innovation Hub Nigeria, where he ensures quality product delivery. He encourages the inclusion of females in technical teams which led to increases in productivity.

Hanson volunteered as a Developers Community Manager at Google Developer Group Uyo, where he planned, managed and organized developer-centric events to improve the developer ecosystem in Nigeria.