Fredrik Wittboldt brings a very hands-on approach to entrepreneurship, not to mention 19 years of experience in sales and product management with businesses like Volvo and JATO Dynamics. He founded two of his own businesses and currently serves as chairman at his most recent, DynamicDocuments. After realizing the importance IT plays in our world today, he successfully transitioned from mechanical engineering, in which he holds an MSc from Lund University, to developing businesses that specialize in IT through an incubator based in Stockholm called STING. Mr. Wittboldt understands that “every entrepreneur knows what he wants to build, but realizes there are gaps to be filled,” such as the need for advice or skills from outside sources.

At STING, he not only served as a mentor to start-ups, but also dedicated his expertise and time to working directly within some of the start-ups, propelling a few to accomplishing their goals of becoming successful business ventures.