Fred Zamblé is an Ivorian serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. Since 2006, he is the co-founder and CEO of Neuropixels, a web and creative agency based in Ivory Coast, providing cutting-edge digital solutions for enterprises and organizations. He is also the founder and CEO of Digicraft LLC, a mobile development and marketing agency based in the USA. Lastly, Fred is the co-founder and CEO of Seekewa, an innovative crowdfunding platform for smallholders in Africa that involves continental institutions, companies and private individuals.

Before starting the entrepreneurial life, Fred was a web developer and designer specializing in UX/UI (user experience and interfaces). He worked for 4 years as a freelance coder and graphic designer on multiple web and design projects around the world.

Fred has a BS in Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Computer Engineering from Yamoussoukro National Polytechnic Institute. He is passionate about gaming, photography and sports.