Eugene Nyagahene hopes for an entrepreneurial future. The Rwandan says, “I think that a businessman shouldn’t be happy just because he has succeeded, he should be happy encouraging new people to become successful businessmen and create success stories — even if those people become competitors.”

Eugene started his career in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, exporting and importing automobile parts. He purchased licenses for private radio and TV channels in Burundi and launched his first satellite TV broadcast, called Tele-10, in 1993. In July 1994, Eugene entered Rwanda and applied for a television license. In July 1996, he began broadcasting news, sports, and music in Rwanda from Tele-10.

As a strong entrepreneurship professional with a Masters in Economics from the University of Yaounde, Eugene is now a business angel focused on funding startups. Some of the investments are money-making ventures, while others are social responsibility initiatives. Eugene started a coffee-exporting firm, to provide jobs and improve lives.