Etonde Martin founded SIPEC – Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon – in 2013. SIPEC aims to create an environment where entrepreneurs can meet and interact with different stakeholders (clients, suppliers, partners, investors and financial houses) that are necessary for the success of their business.

Etonde, who goes by Sherai, explained why she created this environment: “the issues that Cameroonian entrepreneurs face and the many reasons they cannot be sustainable are common. Entrepreneurs and small businesses have great ideas but because of crippling conditions they can only survive for a short time. I want to change that.”

Etonde understands the struggles that Cameroonian entrepreneurs experience because she started her own company, Sheraiz Delightz, an Event Management company, several years ago. Prior to that she has worked in Cameroon and Kenya.

As Etonde creates magical events for her corporate clients, so she wants to share the magic – or at least the wisdom – of how to be an entrepreneur in the early stages and growth stages – with her fellow Cameroonian entrepreneurs. As an African Entrepreneurship Award Mentor, Etonde gladly shares and coaches online to help businesses launch and grow.