Diane Ndeuna is the Executive President of EDEN and a Consultant in creating and managing enterprises with 11 years of professional experience. She started an agri-business in Cameroon. As a result, she understands the challenges of business. In addition, she launched the Entrepreneurship Development Educational Network (EDEN), which publishes a monthly magazine called Entreprendre Cameroun, which she edits.

The objective of Entreprendre Cameroun is to give context for entrepreneurs so they have relevant advice that meets their needs. The free magazine is available each month offering basic information that entrepreneurs need to create businesses. Each series has a theme or specialty focus. Diane explains “my passion is mentoring and helping others start and grow their businesses. It is very tough but very rewarding.”

Through EDEN, Diane has helped over 500 entrepreneurs become equipped with training, practical experience and tools to start businesses. “I strongly believe that youth need to have the right training and tools to be able to start businesses,” Diane passionately explains. Of these 500 entrepreneurs, Diane believes about 150 businesses have been launched in Cameroon which are creating jobs and improving lives.

Diane earned a Masters from l’institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE) in Poitiers, France.