With an entrepreneurial background and business interests in four Southern African countries, Danny founded SMEs Compete to help Namibian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow businesses and create wealth and employment.

SMEs Compete provides assistance and support for income growth and job creation in the Namibian SME sector. The primary objective of the firm is to improve entrepreneurial, management, marketing and information technology skills of SMEs in Namibia.

For firms in Africa, particularly SMEs, to grow they must improve their business performance and competitiveness at home and abroad. The same applies to SMEs in Namibia.

For over four years now Danny has regularly penned a weekly column in The Namibia, Namibia’s highest circulation daily newspapers. The focal area of his column and of other articles is entrepreneurship. In addition he routinely guest lectures at tertiary institutions and regularly appears on radio and television talk shows.

Danny brings his experience working with more than 2,000 businesses since 2002 to help other Africans start and scale their own businesses. SMEs Compete is a source of support for the business community, business service organizations (BSOs) like the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Manufacturers’ Associations and others throughout the region.

To date over 6,000 individuals have benefitted from support including venture capital and enterprise centers provided by SMEs Compete.