Daniel Oratokhai, Nigerian serial entrepreneur and advisor, sits on the advisory board of over 10+ startups in Africa, advising on business structure, brand development, and growth plan.

Daniel founded several businesses and initiatives throughout his entrepreneurial journey:

– Africa Service Incubator (ASIN5), a company pioneering the use of service as an incubation model for startups globally,

– Nigeria 4 Nigeria Organization (N4NO), a non-profit driving the recreation of the nationhood of Nigeria targeting kids and millennial age 5-20 and with a 50 years plan of making Nigeria one of the 3 most important countries in the world.

– Africa Founders School (AFS), a non-conventional practical oriented schooling system for founders who want to build a great global business.

– DO Learning Series, a literal company that develops HOW-TO Book Series with the first book, “ROAD 36” a book that reveals the growth strategy of 36 innovators and how they were able to build and grow an industry in Africa. The book is presently under works and will be released September 2018.

– HBSL an angel investing and venture capitalist firm, a private company that holds his personal and family investment in the social enterprise companies he invests in.

– Hams&Shem Strategy Co., a growth strategy firm that helps companies accelerate their growth process and scale globally.

With a vision of building a globally competitive Africa, a dream he has nurtured and worked on for over 16 years, Daniel says, “That time is here”. He is presently working on 20+ projects with his army of co-founders and partners globally!