Daniel Isa, Nigerian entrepreneur, launched 3 companies in 7 years. His passion is to transform retail in Africa’s largest economy.

One of Daniel’s businesses, InvoizPaid, created an invoice discounting, trade finance & merchant finance models for African SMEs. He explains this will “forever change the way African SMEs access short term working capital.” He pioneered the use of alternative credit scoring models which focuses more on SME behavioral patterns.

His current business, Blubird, is an innovative retail management platform which was designed and built for retail businesses operating in Africa’s fastest growing economies, such as Nigeria, where he is currently based.

As an entrepreneur, Daniel pulls on his experience in Engineering and IT, Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Strategy and Planning to design products that meet the marketplace needs.

As a mentor, Daniel shares experience to help others increase earnings and introduce new tools to customers with shorter acceptance/adoption rates.

“I want to help other entrepreneurs see that their customer acquisition approach should be focused more on relationship building” and forge strategic partnerships to successfully launch and scale in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy. Helping others is Daniel’s heart and passion as a mentor with the African Entrepreneurship Award.