Carrie Matiku understands what it takes to do business in Tanzania. The American expatriate has called Tanzania home for nearly two decades. During her time in Tanzania, she has launched and scaled a very successful green grocer and restaurant in Dar Es Salaam.

Her first business, Garden Market, is a farm to table grocery store, sourced exclusively with local Tanzanian farmers. The store successfully navigates transportation and cold storage logistics, two challenges in the agriculture sector, and celebrates the best of local Tanzanian produce.

Customers at the grocer, in love with fresh foods and high quality coffee, asked for a café. Carrie’s second successful business, Woodberry Café, offers a wide variety of tastes, and serves the same high quality, locally sourced foods. Her large clientele enjoys delicious meals and lattes in the leafy suburbs of Dar.

Beyond her deep understanding of restaurant and agriculture businesses in Tanzania, Carrie worked for over a decade in communications and design. She is a graduate, with honors, of Montana State University-Bozeman.