Carolyne Ekyarisiima, Ugandan, is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the Apps and Girls Foundation, an organization that works to bridge the tech gender gap in Tanzania. Apps and Girls provide female role models, smashing gender stereotypes and providing a platform for girls in STEM to develop digital literacy. Apps and Girls bridges of the knowledge gap of qualified women in tech careers, and develops a generation of trained and skilled women to enter the workforce, and become entrepreneurs. Carolyne believes in empowering girls with ICT skills because she believes in their capacity and innovation power to change the community and build an innovative generation – making Tanzania a better place for all, despite their gender.

Carolyne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Kampala International University. While lecturing at Kampala International University, Carolyne realized the gender gap in ICT, and began on her journey to change the statistics and meet a need in East Africa. Carolyne is a Tigo and Reach for change Digital change maker and was awarded a certificate of achievement in 2014 for her great efforts in improving children’s lives through innovation and digital technology at the Hackathon Prototype Change 2014 Sweden.