Bernard Chiira serves as the incubator manager and mentor at Strathmore University’s @iBizAfrica in Nairobi Kenya. He has experience in general incubator management, startup incubation and acceleration, project management, digital marketing and research. He has previously worked as an instructor in Strathmore University’s Faculty of IT and Digital Advertising Academy using his knowledge of how to market products and services in a digital world. Bernard holds a Master Degree in Mobile Telecommunication & Innovation and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Information Technology from Strathmore University.

Bernard is passionate about innovation, mentorship and supporting entrepreneurs to succeed in in building successful startups. He is passionate about working with startups building tech solutions to solve complex and day-to-day problems. Today, part of his job is spotting budding businesses that do solve problems sustainably to be a part of the iBizAfrica incubator where they receive the support needed to launch or scale.