4th Edition Presidential Jury


Dr. Aubrey Kent is the Founding Director of the Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC) in Philadelphia. As Founder, Dr. Kent is a leading voice in the world for harnessing the power of sport for the good of communities.

Dr. Kent has led the Sports Industry Research Center to be the world’s leader is exploring the potential for sport to impact local communities and businesses for positive social outcomes. Formerly, he served as President of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM).

Dr. Kent has been published in numerous Sports journals, including the Journal of Sport Management, European Journal of Sport Management, Sport Marketing Quarterly, International Journal of Coaching Science, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. Dr. Kent has published over 100 sports management articles and supervised over 15 PhD Dissertations in Sports Management which have won national awards.

Dr. Kent has a PhD in Sport Management from The Ohio State University after he earned his Master of Human Kinetics degree from the University of Windsor, Canada. He has a Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree in Health and Physical Education and Fitness from the University of Toronto.

This is Dr. Kent’s first year as an AEA Jurist.