Annick is an entrepreneur and mentor who has worked in private business, NGO’s and volunteered across 5 African countries from Cameroon to South Africa. Her latest business in Cameroon is RH Experts which brings best practices in recruiting, selection and development to a variety of private sector clients in Cameroon.

With over 10 years experience, Annick personally understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face every day in finding customers, managing cash flow, collections, working within the formal economy, and motivating young people amidst the ups and downs of life.

Annick is a sought-after mentor in many national and pan-African entrepreneurship projects because she goes beyond the minimum-expected assistance to help coach young entrepreneurs to think through their business ideas and risks to find creative solutions to fulfill their dreams.

“Although I am very busy with my business, I always find time for my mentorees. They are our future. I want to help them. I am always on the phone, checking in with them, trying to help them get through the struggles both with practical ideas and psychological encouragement,” Annick passionately explains.

To fulfill her passion to help others, Annick founded OYE International to develop youth entrepreneurship and youth leaders for Africa, with a special focus on female leaders.

As a true entrepreneur, Annick always looks ahead to opportunities so expect to see her in the business acceleration space in Cameroon in the near future!