Alain Jaques is a serial entrepreneur who had a variety of retail businesses before launching OptionsDiggers. His latest business is a data mining platform that gives insight into the global stock markets using big data analytics and proprietary algorithms. Based in Morocco and Switzerland, Alain is a typical entrepreneur who did not follow a traditional career path but instead learns by doing, incorporating curiosity, creativity and passion.

Alain paired his interest in financial trading with technological innovation to create and develop his custom market research and approach for forecasting options in today’s financial markets.

“In today’s markets, information is a key element of your edge. As an entrepreneur, I have discovered how to harness e better knowledge and/or research to anticipate the future. For example, I have created a to monetize the information edge by engaging in specific trades. One of the best ways to do so is through options.”

Alain’s next business venture is taking him into the food distribution sector, building a bridge between his beloved Switzerland and new home in Morocco. Alain brings his innovative learnings to other entrepreneurs to coach them on how to take their great ideas and commercialize them to create jobs and improve lives.