John Stanton Jr.

John Stanton, Jr

John Stanton Jr. is a long time entrepreneur and Board Member for the Rice 360° Institute for Global Health in Houston Texas.  As a Board Member, he travels throughout Texas and Africa advising the innovative team at Rice 360° about innovations and impact.

Rice 360°’s purpose is to innovate for global impact. Their mission is to discover and evaluate the biological and social factors that give rise to global health inequities. With John’s support, Rice 360° designs scalable solutions to address unmet health needs around the world. They are active in Malawi making a difference in both inventions and knowledge transfer because their goal is to educate multidisciplinary leaders who can solve complex global challenges.

John explains, “My goal is to help Rice University, with its outstanding legacy in the USA, to transform students into innovators and ideas into sustainable solutions. I am honored to be a Global Mentor with the African Entrepreneurship Award so that we can continue this legacy of discovering solutions to improve our world.”