Jean Mboum Bongkwaha

Jean Mboum BongkwahaJean Mboum Bongkwaha is an entrepreneur who has started several businesses; the most recent is SkyPower, a battery-powered energy backup system. In Cameroon, power outages pose a regular problem for businesses and homes, hampering productivity.  SkyPower’s energy solution fills a need in Cameroon – and across Africa.

Jean has taken this invention and continued to demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit by broadening his parent company, SkyVision Cameroon, into a full integrator of telecom and energy security capabilities using clean processes.  But he keeps the environment at the forefront. For example, in addition to clean energy, SkyPower’s local production keeps costs down and their innovative recycling program protects the environment.

Jean Mboum Bongkwaha was a Finalist in the 2015 African Entrepreneurship Award. After winning three rounds and experiencing both Boot Camp and the Presidential Jury, Jean said: “I believe in this Award and how it can help entrepreneurs in Cameroon with their businesses. I benefited from it and now I want to give back. I agreed to be a mentor in 2016 because I want to help the next generation.”

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