The Impact of the African Entrepreneurship Award Mentoring

Othman Benjelloun of BMCE Bank of Africa announced the African Entrepreneurship Award in 2014. At the heart of the Award is the desire to create jobs and improve lives in Africa through a journey of mentoring. Business ideas solve problems in Education, Environment and Uncharted sectors, and each contains uniquely contextualized technology solutions.

The African Entrepreneurship Award accepts entrepreneurs in all stages of a business, from idea to startup. Through a unique journey of mentoring for each, entrepreneurs turn an idea or prototype into a business that is sustainable and scalable across Africa. Some make pivots along the way.

Mentoring continues to deliver valuable business advice to 12,000+ Africans who are building businesses to create economic value and jobs across 54 countries. Among those, 10 entrepreneurs from 8 African countries received $1 million in funding during the 1st Edition and are along their journey to creating jobs and improving lives in Africa.

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The African Entrepreneurship Award Journey