Hanta Tiana Rasoarahona

Hanta Tiana RasoarahonaLiving in Madagascar and coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Hanta Tiana Rasoarahona founded Flore Aroma, a company that manufactures ready-to-use essential oils thanks to green waste recovery. Flore Aroma produces mosquito repellents (to help fight malaria that is one principal cause of mortality in Madagascar) and body deodorants, air freshners, shampoo, shower gel, and soaps. For Hanta Tiana, she wants to be sure essential oils are no longer luxury products and can be used to prevent diseases and improve the hygiene of the Malagasy people. Hanta Tiana won the “Best Development Stage Company 2015” by the Indian Ocean Commission and the “Recognition of Excellence Trophy 2015” by the Malagasy Ministry of Industry and Private Sector Development. She is a fervent supporter of youth entrepreneurship and the national representative in Madagascar for Synergie Jeunes Océan Indien, a platform that aims to connect and especially to increase the proportion of young entrepreneurs contributing to the emergence of an Indian Ocean that is enterprising, innovative and based on mutual cooperation. Hanta Tiana has also been featured as a “Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30” in 2016, and in 2017, she was nominated as one of Okay Africa’s 100 Women. Hanta Tiana is currently starting a new business, Syllabus, a translation agency that is specialized in legal, commercial, editorial, and technical translations from French to English and English to French. “Use your superpowers for good” is the mantra Hanta Tiana lives by.