Are you an entrepreneur, angel investor, academic
or have experience with new ideas in education or the environment?

We would like you to consider joining us as a Mentor or AEAngel to African entrepreneurs.
Read on to see if this is a fit for you.


Are you interested in helping Africa?
  • Not with aid, but with advice to entrepreneurs.
  • Not with loans, but with leadership on practical topics like how to manage cash flow or how to persevere when you get told “no” for the 50th time.
  • Not just coaching, but with communication skills needed to talk with bankers and customers.

Our goal is to find African entrepreneurs whose ideas will have an impact on everyday life, prosperity and people of Africa. But the entrepreneur needs a mentor to be successful when (s)he executes the idea.

Our strategy needs mentors like you to agree to listen to business ideas in Africa that impact education, environment or something totally new and uncharted in Africa. We need mentors like you to help us decide which entrepreneurs and ideas are worth the investment of USD$1 million.

Our goal is not reward the best idea in all of Africa. Our goal is to power a program that gives personalized mentoring to every entrepreneur to improve their abilities to launch and scale businesses in Africa – so they can create jobs, have an impact, and improve life throughout the continent.

Are you interested in investing in Africa?

Our AEAngel network helps angel investors with a desire to impact African entrepreneurs with smart, targeted investment.


Contact us today to find out how you can join other entrepreneurs and angel investors from around the world who have agreed to volunteer their talent, giving back, to help Africans create jobs in Africa.